1 Kings 1


Bible Passage: 1 Kings 1

Yet another son of King David tries to overthrow him and usurp the throne. Today’s chpater reminded me of how Absalom tried to pull the same stunt.

King David was a man after God’s heart. He governed the house of God well, served the Lord faithfully, and was a great ruler to the people. Hence it comes as a surprise that his sons turned out to oppose him.

Did David have a good relationship with his sons? Not 1, but 2 actually went against him. This says something about his relationship with them, and the way his children were brought up. While he was a godly man, he failed miserably as a father and husband.

Similarly for us today, while we serve and care for the household of God, we must not neglect our own household. We ought to also spend time caring for our own families. We need to strike a balance to spend time for God and His church, and also spend time on our own families. There is no guarantee that children of deacons or preachers will turn out as godly people, unless their parents take the effort to bring them up with the word of God.

Parents have a great duty to bring up godly children, by communicating, spending time with them, and disciplining them.

I am not a parent…so what do I know? Parents who are reading this, feel free to leave a comment on how you felt after reading this chapter.

Have a blessed week!


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