1 Samuel 3

1 Samuel 3

Bible Passage:  1 Samuel 3

In today’s chapter we read that God has called out to Samuel 3 times. Each time Samuel did not know that it was God who called out to him. He went to Eli 3 times to offer his help.
Eli could have been angry at Samuel for disturbing him thrice. He was sleeping, yet Samuel has woken him up 3 times even though he had already said he did not call out to him. I’m sure many of us will be frustrated with not having a good sleep without any frustrations.
However, instead of getting upset with Samuel, Eli understood that it was God who called out to Samuel, and taught him how to respond to God.
Eli was known for his wicked sons, he seemed weak and did not appear to have a good relationship with God. However, Eli recognized that on rare occasions, God might still speak with His people. He watched Samuel grow up, and saw that Samuel was humble and willing to obey God’s instructions. It was likely that God has chosen to speak to Samuel.
Eli taught Samuel how he should serve God. God still calls out to His people to serve Him and do His work, and His people must not be afraid to listen to Him. Like the relationship between a servant and his master, God’s people must obey God and be humble before Him, and obey His commands.

While Samuel still has a duty to serve Eli, he had a more important duty: to serve God. May we also respond to God’s calling out to us to do His work and serve His church. There is plenty of work to do.. The harvest is plentiful but labourers are few.

May He guide us.

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