2 Kings 4

2 Kings 4

Bible Passage:  2 Kings 4

Shunem used to be an old battle ground but it is well known place because it is where a wealthy woman once lived—the Shunammite woman.

Her name is unknown but her deeds are recorded here in this chapter so that we can learn from her three spiritual qualities:  being full of faith, full of love, and contentment.

Unlike the other Israelites that were corrupted and departed God during that period in time, the Shunammite woman held fast to her faith and used her spiritual discernment to see how Elisha was a holy man of God.

Never expect anything in return, the Shunammite woman received Elisha every time he passed their way by showing hospitality and being a gracious host.

Always consulted her husband before doing things and respected him like when she thought about how the Elisha could use a small room with a bed, table, chair and lamp, so that he could rest and study the word of God.

Meanwhile, Elisha thought of way to repay her hospitality and so he asked her and she simply stated the fact that she was content with what she had.

Much shame used to come upon women who could not bear children, however the woman was not overcome by this prejudice nor did she ask for children.

It was Elisha’s initiative to ask God to grant her a child, and as the child grew there was much joy in the household.

Then one day the child suddenly died yet the woman didn’t cry or complain, but she knew how to rely on God and brought the child to the prophet.

Even when her husband asked why she sought after the man of God, she said, “It is well.” She didn’t let her husband worry, but she wholeheartedly trusted God.


Now godliness with contentment is great gain.” (1Timothy 6:6)


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