2 Peter 2

2 Peter 2

Bible Passage:  2 Peter 2

Reading today’s passage is painful.

Because it reminds me strongly of the current situation we have in church… and yet many are choosing to ignore it, hoping it will go away, or worse… do not think it any problem at all.

During Peter’s time, false teachers inside the church was a problem… a huge problem.  So is it today.

You would think that we should be able to easily identify these false prophets and teachers by now.  But the reality is.. we don’t.

We should… but we can’t.


Is it because of the lack of true knowledge?

Or is it because the deceivers are so good at deception?

Or is it because of our emotions and ties?

This chapter leaves me with nothing more to add.. except to ask that we pray for the preservation of our souls and the souls of our brethren all around the world.

These things will happen.  And are happening.

We have been redeemed.  Let us make sure we do not return to the vomit once again.

One comment on “2 Peter 2
  1. The world is a self- centered place. We live in a generation where life begins to revolve so easily around us (e.g. smartphones, internet, social media etc).

    We get distracted with the people we want to become that we fail to realise the good and the bad in the things we do. We do the things we do out of mere want and desire.

    We are too comfortable living in our own thoughts; in our own bubbles, that when someone bursts them, we crack and fall apart slowly, or almost all at once.

    Be wary and cautious of the people around you. Trust in people you know you can put your trust in and allow them to find trust in you too. Because at the end of the day, people need each other.

    We just have to make sure that in the midst of all the trusting and depending, we preserve our souls, and the souls that belong to the ones you trust.

    Don’t go through the motions of the world. Live with it and learn to deal with it, but never settle on it.

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