2 Samuel 5


Bible Passage:  2 Samuel 5

Finally!  Finally David was king over all Israel.

The people accepted him.  The tribes accepted him.  The elders accepted him.

David was now truly King of Israel.

No more running.  No more living in fear.

He was king – acknowledged by all.  He has now achieved his ultimate goal.

In our lives, it can be likened to us attaining our career aspirations.  We have been promoted!  We are now the boss.  Now everyone has to listen to us.

But David was truly a man after God’s heart.

Despite his success, we read once again that he would always go back to God for directions in his life.  He did not think that now that he is successful, he has no need for God.

So David inquired of the Lord…

This phrase was repeated in verses 19 and 23.

Before David became king and he was a fugitive, these Bible tells us of the same thing….

So David inquired of the Lord…

~ 1 Samuel 23:2; 30:8

After he became king, he did the same.

Success did not spoil him.  Success did not change him.

He still sought God diligently.  God was still in his plans.

What about us today?

It is easy for us to always turn to God when we are fighting or chasing after something.  But once we obtain it, do we still keep God in our plans?

Learn from one who is after the heart of God.

One comment on “2 Samuel 5
  1. More often than we dare or care to acknowledge, we make our requests known to God through prayers.
    I choose to believe that most times, we ask and plead out of the goodness of our hearts.

    When we’ve received the answers we had been searching for or have been given the things we had been asking for, we tend to become so focused on celebrating that success or “dream come true”, that we make God’s miracles seem so small.

    God is the head of everything and He makes Himself known to us in ways He knows is best for each and everyone of us.
    All we really have to do is be Genuinely Thankful and know the debt we owe.

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