2 Samuel 7

2 Samuel 7

Bible Passage:  2 Samuel 7

Would You Build a House for Me?

When David had finally become the ruler over all Israel, he wanted to build a house for the Lord. But the Lord answered, “Would you build a house for Me to dwell in?” (2 Sam 7:5)

Sometimes we too think that we want to do this or that for the Lord. But in reality, we can’t do anything for God. Instead, it is the Lord who allows us do things for Him.

Although David’s intention was good, he might have forgotten for a moment that he was nothing before God. Although he had become a king, for whom building a temple seemed an easy thing to do, the Lord reminded David through Nathan that He was the source of all his success and abilities.

Therefore, when Nathan told David the words of God, he immediately remembered his own insignificance (2 Sam 7:18) and prayed and gave thanks to God.

Today, we may be serving God zealously. Driven by our zeal for the Lord, we want to accomplish much for God. But while we do so, let us stop for a while and think about whether our service is really according to God’s will.

Do we still remember that we are able to serve the Lord because of His grace? Are we relying on the Lord in all that we do? Do we consult God and wait for His instruction?

Moreover, let us always remember to come before the Lord, to quietly sit down to talk to Him, recall His blessings and great love, and ask for His mercy and guidance so that we may serve Him according to His will and be established in God’s house forever.


2 comments on “2 Samuel 7
  1. I am always blessed and recieve grace from God for a closer walk with Him when I read each day’s devotion. God bless you.

    I have learnt that we have to always be conscious of God’s grace that enables us to do ‘anything’. And to remember that in our zeal we must seek to serve Him according to His will and guidance. Thanks again and God bless you

  2. Personally, I really like this post. It is strangely comforting and also very relevant to whatever I have been going through or struggling with these in past few days.
    I am still a student. I am still a student who is very concerned about her academic performance. I am still a child who is worried about the amount of faith and trust she has in God, or the lack thereof.
    My mind is always distressing about things, doubting the true power of God, and lacking the great fear I should have for God.

    (I quote again.) 2 Samuel 7: 18 – “Then King David went in and sat before the Lord; and he said: “Who am I, O Lord GOD? And what is my house, that You have brought me this far?”” And King David just couldn’t be more right.

    I am nothing if not for God. I am insignificant and worthless. I am not always the person I ought to be. But because of God, I, and everyone else, have been given this one life, that He might be glorified through these people He had chosen to be His children.
    And I ask myself, everyday, what I’ve done to deserve His mercy. I do not deserve to be His child, and God knows that better than anyone else. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever really know His reasons why and how, and maybe I’d prefer to let it remain a mystery, only knowing that this gift is something that I could never repay with my life.

    Today, I prayed and in my prayer I pushed everything towards God, and told Him to do with everything as He Will. He has 100% say. I feel pathetic when I pray, because I am always repenting, I am always guilty as charged and I am always the only one to blame for my downfall.
    I hope to be able to remain in His grace and be of some use to Him for the rest of my life. I hope He forgives me.
    I still need a lot of time to let All of God into my life and allow Him to take full control. I am willing, but not ready.

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