Amos 1-2


Bible Passage:  Amos 1-2

Dear Reader,

I am guilty of not practicing what I preach. I forget or neglect to read the Bible every now and then. I don’t make time to pray in the morning before I rush out the door or I’m too tired to pray. I go to church every week but it feels like a routine visit to meet up with everyone. When I came across the book of Amos, I read it with a heavy heart.

Amos was a shepherd and a farmer before he became a prophet. He wasn’t especially trained and taught to be a prophet, but he feared God. He worked during the reign of Uzziah, which was around 788-750BC. He saw how the rich mistreated the poor. He saw how people were selfish, corrupt, drunkards, and greedy. He saw his own people, the Israelites worshipping God outwardly but inwardly they were far from Him. So Amos left his job as a shepherd and a farmer to announce the judgment that was awaiting Israel.

I thought about how our time compares to Amos’ time. As I watched the news report, I saw how corrupt the society had become. For example, the Australian prime minister winked and smiled when confronted by an angry pensioner who says she must work on an adult sex line just to get by during a radio talk show. I saw angry students protesting about how school fees have risen just so the government can use the education funds to repay Australia’s debts. I listened to my colleague talk about how her siblings were fighting over her mother’s assets and property though her mother is 93, alive and well.

As I recall the events of the week, I realize our time is not so different from Amos’ time. It’s also a reminder that we don’t need to be a preacher, deacon, elder or minister to preach. We just need to heed God’s calling to seek Him that we may live. It’s a time to reflect on our worship to God. May God give us inspiration and courage to speak the truth.



One comment on “Amos 1-2
  1. My mother always tells me that if I were to be sent to court to fight for my own case, I’d definitely lose.
    I do not tell good lies.
    There would be no way to rescue me, because I’d most probably be found guilty as charged.
    But then again no lie is ever good.

    There are so many times when I feel so lost. And then there are even more times when I feel like I’m overlooking something, like there’s that one thing that I’m supposed to be doing, but am not doing, because it slipped my mind.

    There are so many other things that will happen in the time to come; too many.

    In the midst of all this mental frenzy and chaos, there are two things I know for sure, are constants, that diffuse the traffic jams our minds.

    God and Time.

    They reveal truths, bring comfort and restore the calm state of mind. They gather, give, guide, and guard. And most of all, they make good again.

    So I urge you to toil and put effort into the things that matter and demand it, the ones who deserve it. God and Time will tell.

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