Amos 9

Amos 9

Bible Passage:  Amos 9

We have come to the end of the book of Amos.  So having read this again, what do you think?

Not the usual pretty picture of Christianity that many Christians would like to paint, isn’t it?  Lots of judgments, woes…  not just for the enemies of God but also upon the chosen people of God.

But as we come to the last chapter, we read in verses 13-15 of the restoration of Israel.  This may be surprising given the many judgments meted out from chapter 9.  However, God is now promising that the people will be restored back to the land that was taken away from them by the Assyrians.

Although no time frame was indicated, we know that there was this promise.

Which comes to impression today.

In many parts of this book of Amos, we read of the phrases, “says the Lord” and “the Lord showed”.  God was showing prophet Amos and telling him of the many things that He will do.  And everyone of those promises or word will come true.

The only thing that we are not sure of is the “when”.

But the words of God ring true throughout all generations.  The only problem is, like Israel and Judah, we very often do not carry out our promises to God.  Instead, we wander away.  We have our own idols and high places.  We look upon the daughters of men.  We trust men more than God.  We worship with our lips but not our hearts…

Yes, we are not much different from Israel during the time of Amos.

Today is the start of the Spiritual Meeting.  May we come with a heart of repentance and renew our promises to God once again.

The plumbline has been hung.  Are we up to this standard?

We still have time to truly return to the Lord.

One comment on “Amos 9
  1. Different people struggle with different parts of a religion; any kind of religion for that matter.
    There are people who struggle with keeping the faith, people who struggle with telling the truth, people who struggle practicing the truth, and people who struggle believing. But then again, who can say they’ve never struggled?
    No matter our struggles, we have to know that everything is worthwhile.
    And maybe we will always remain unprepared and fearful of everything around us, but we have to know that there is a God who understands our struggles way more than we ever will, and He will deal with us as He should.
    Because religion, and Christianity, for the most of it, is not easy to follow, and never an easy life-long commitment or contract.
    Religion becomes you.

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