Exodus 10 – 12

 Exodus 10-12

Bible Passage:  Exodus 10-12

Exodus 10 to 12 records of the last three plagues of the ten plagues that fell upon Egypt because Pharaoh hardened his heart and refused to let the people of God go. As we read about the locusts infesting the entire land and devouring whatever food that is left after the hail, to the total darkness that lasted for three days such that it can be “felt”, to the final deal of the death of all the first-borns in Egypt, we really see the power and authority of God over nature and life here. He is indeed the Lord of all creations. He made the locusts come so easily, and He also made them all go away so easily such that “not a single locust was left”. It’s really amazing for someone like me who fear insects so much!

We also see that God indeed look after His people and like what Bible Reader has mentioned in the previous post, that the people of God are clearly separated (consecrated) from the Egyptians. Although the whole of Egypt experienced terrible total darkness for three days, the Israelites on the other hand had light. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Imagine being one of the Israelites then watching these things unfold right before your eyes and experiencing the hand (and grace) of God directly!

The climax of the entire episode probably came during the Passover. This is the first time the people was commanded about the Passover, the first time they were told about the significance of it, what it entails actually. They were told that they were to sacrifice a lamb, to eat it within the house and they shall take the blood and put it on the two doorposts and on the lintel of the house. Otherwise, the destroyer might pass by and claim the life of the first-born within the house! There were also specific instructions on how to prepare the lamb and the manner in which they were to eat it. “You shall eat it in haste. It is the LORD’s Passover.” It suggests to me the urgency and tension in the air. That night must have been quite a dreadful night. Perhaps some were fearful or worried; perhaps some others were hopeful – God had said that after this, Pharaoh will let them go. However, it is quite sad that Egypt had to experience all ten plagues before Pharaoh relented.

The takeaway for me today is this: As the children of God, He will surely protect us. He will take care of us and provide for us. He will deliver us and save us! However, how often have we hardened our hearts towards God (perhaps even without knowing)? How long do we want to continue to harden our hearts towards God? It took Pharaoh ten plagues and the death of his firstborn before he relented. When a stone is thrown at us, it might be a nudge from God, prompting us to turn back to Him; don’t wait until a brick is thrown in our direction before we would finally repent!

One comment on “Exodus 10 – 12
  1. How long are we able to go, ignoring God for the most part of our everyday lives?
    How long does it take before God finally chooses to stop knocking on the doors of our hearts?
    How long are we able to go on living without God in our lives?

    It is never okay to test God. And I know I have been testing Him excessively.

    A lot of times, I know that I am in no position, whatsoever, to give advice about Christianity or talk to anyone about it because I know I am not deserving of whatever I have and whatever I am.

    But I pray that I will never take His grace for granted. And that on days when I feel His presence the most, my heart will remain open for Him.

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