Exodus 4 – 6


Bible Passage: Exodus 4 – 6

Though this is a familiar story, it is a humbling experience for me when I read it today.

Moses asked God for a sign to show to the people of Israel so that they may take his word. God showed him not one, but three miracles so that the people may believe. God must have known the hearts of the people. Even though the first miracle of changing the rod to a serpent is impressive enough, God knew that would not be enough for the people to believe. He gave Moses two more miracles to show the people whose hearts have hardened.

God is so almighty and sovereign, yet He still had to perform miracles so that the people can believe. Today, have we hardened our hearts like the Israelites? Do we doubt the words of the bible and to us, “seeing is believing”? Or worse, do we still believe after seeing God’s grace and works? In recent years, Ive heard of testimonies from members who no longer come to church. They testified of God’s grace and warnings to tell them to return to church. However, up till now, they still have not returned.

May this be a warning to us. This is a timely reminder for me as well, to evaluate my heart and be watchful lest my heart hardens against His word.

After seeing those signs that Moses performed, finally the people believed. For us, do we need to see then we will believe?



One comment on “Exodus 4 – 6
  1. Over the course of my life, I know how God uses different ways to touch the lives of different people.
    He may choose to be very direct or indirect when He speaks to you.
    God has never showed me visions or spoken to me through a Hymn or a prayer or anything else.
    He’s just kind of been there for me all along. And I never really was aware of what He was doing for me.

    And sometimes, I do question His existence.
    I’ve put distance between my relationship with Him.

    And at the end of the day, I just really hope He forgives me for every foolish thing I’ve committed.
    He is an unspoken presence in my life.

    So, don’t ever question God’s actions. He knows exactly what He’s doing.
    The real question is: Do we know what we have done?

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