Hebrews 8

Hebrews 8

Bible Passage:  Hebrews 8

v1: “Now this is the main point of the things we are saying: We have such a High Priest, who is seated at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens,”

This High Priest is Jesus Christ. As High Priest, He offered the greatest possible sacrifice: Himself, that we might be saved through His blood. However, people might ask: If God is so great, why did He have to die on the cross? Why not just forgive mankind there and then, and save Himself the trouble? I would like to share my thoughts on these questions today.

Sin must be atoned for with blood. When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden, upon banishment, animals were killed that they might have fur to wear as clothes. As we progress through the Old Testament, we see that people had to constantly make animal sacrifices for the sake of their transgressions.

God Himself set this rule, and being righteous, He abided by it. Mankind had to make payment for their sins. However, instead of making mankind suffer, out of love, He elected to sacrifice Himself instead.

This sacrifice was pure, unblemished, and sufficient to bring salvation upon mankind. Animal sacrifices are unnecessary today because He gave Himself up for us. As long as we confess and repent of our sins that are not unto death, His blood will continue to wash our sins away, that we might continue to have a part in Him.

Sin separates us from God. His blood brings us back to Him.

Also, our God is wonderfully understanding. As God, He is the Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient Spirit. He knows that He transcends all things, and that man cannot relate themselves to him, being of a completely different existential nature. Therefore, our Almighty God condescended to bring himself down to our level: to become a man of flesh. He subjected himself to human experiences.

As Jesus on Earth, He needed sustenance and rest. He could experience temptation, the desire to stray from righteousness. Also, He had the ability to feel physical pain, just like a human being could. Yet, despite the limitations of a human being, He managed to remain guiltless and obedient to the point of crucifixion.

One can no longer claim that God, being the Almighty Spirit, does not understand the difficulties of man. He Himself became a Man for our sakes, that we might be saved. We can take hope in the fact that God truly understands our trials and tempatations, and is able to sincerely emphathise with us because He, as Jesus Christ, was human before. If we humbly and sincerely seek Him, He will comfort us, and wipe away our tears.

We are unworthy of His grace. Let us live each day with gratitude and thanks for His sacrifice, continually striving to keep ourselves within the boundaries of righteousness.



One comment on “Hebrews 8
  1. This post emphasizes just how much we all do still need God in our lives and how much we truly owe Him.

    No one is worthy of the things we have been blessed with, and for all the bad days and bad moments we’ve had to go through, never put the blame on God because most of the time, we stab ourselves in our own feet.

    God’s love for all mankind was not meant to be completely understood; it was meant to be marveled at from a close distance.

    Don’t take advantage of God’s grace and mercy, because I know how easy it is to assume that God will forgive if you make a mistake.

    Strive to make yourself worthy, despite your unworthiness, all for the love of God.

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