Joshua 2

Joshua 2

Bible Passage:  Joshua 2

Most of us are relatively familiar with the story of Rahab.

This is the story of a harlot girl who later found herself in the genealogy of our Lord Jesus (Matt 1:5). Her story was one about true faith and acting upon it – to the extent of betraying her own country and risking the death sentence. Her story was also one about the amazing grace of God – how God’s abundant blessings could come upon a sinner, allowing her to leave her world of sins behind and enter into the household of God.

Other than in the Book of Joshua, there are two other mentions of Rahab in the Bible.

By faith the harlot Rahab did not perish with those who did not believe, when she had received the spies with peace. (Hebrews 11:31)

Likewise, was not Rahab the harlot also justified by works when she received the messengers and sent them out another way? (James 2:25)

Rahab was placed on the list of those who have triumphed by faith in Hebrews 11, the only woman besides Sarah.  She showed us an example of faith by which we should learn from. Because she had faith in the God of Israel, she received the spies. Because of her faith in God, she pleaded to be saved. Faith is not merely a confession by mouth, saying, “I believe”, but entails acts of faith that will speak louder about what you really believe in. Few might be as courageous as Rahab, hiding the spies and risking her life. She must have really believed in the true God to be able to do that!

Rahab was also the perfect example of one who trusted and obeyed God. Every game has its own rules and the participants have to keep to them. Even though Rahab really did have faith in God, had she not keep to the “rules” of the agreement (not to tell others about the spies, tie a scarlet cord by the window, have everyone stay within the house), she will also not be saved.

The boundary that God has set is meant to save us, not to make our lives miserable. One who does not wish to be restricted within the house can choose to leave the house and face the eventual utter destruction by the Israelite army. Similarly today, do we keep to the “rules” in the Bible regarding salvation? Are we able to trust and obey?

Lastly, her concern for the safety and salvation of her loved ones was admirable. While pleading to be saved from the impeding calamity, she did not forget about her loved ones but included them. Likewise, as we have received the good news of salvation today, let us remember to share this with the people around us!

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  1. The story of Rahab remains intriguing for the most part. It reminds us that there is always a little bit of two opposites in everything that we have to face in life.

    There is sadness behind every smile, silence amongst a sea of people, and surprises to accompany every proposed method of execution.

    I guess we’d love to stay positive but sometimes, we really just need to learn to embrace everything as they come.

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