Joshua 22


Bible Passage: Joshua 22

This particular book of Joshua is relatively long and can be divided into many different sections, but allow me to focus only on several teachings this book has to offer.

“But take careful heed to do the commandment and the law which Moses the servant of the Lord commanded you, to love the Lord your God, to walk in all His ways, to keep His commandments, to hold fast to Him, and to serve Him with all your heart and with all your soul.” So Joshua blessed them and sent them away, and they went to their tents.”

– Joshua 22: 5 – 6

Verse 5: (Point 1)

This is the starting point and the basis of our belief – to keep, heed and put into action the commandments of God in all diligence, mostly referring to how we should hear them, understand them, and gradually, come to terms with them.

Verse 5: (Point 2)

This is the reason why we continue to believe – to learn to love God, to show and give Him our love, regardless of how strong the word “love” may be. Even if loving God is a matter of the heart, it can be considered a commandment to be upheld.

Verse 5: (Point 3)

This is the result of our belief – to worship and obey God with all that we are and establish a personal relationship with Him no matter how long it takes so that we will never give up on Him even when He seems much too far away from us.

To mix this order up is to get off into heresy (loving without heeding), or legalism (obeying before loving).

Verse 6: (Point 4)

Without God’s blessings, we are unable to do what God wants us to do or be what God wants us to be. Do not take for granted of the blessings from God.

“Now to half the tribe of Manasseh Moses had given a possession in Bashan, but to the other half of it Joshua gave a possession among their brethren on this side of the Jordan, westward. And indeed, when Joshua sent them away to their tents, he blessed them, and spoke to them, saying, “Return with much riches to your tents, with very much livestock, with silver, with gold, with bronze, with iron, and with very much clothing. Divide the spoil of your enemies with your brethren.””

– Joshua 22: 7 – 8

Verse 8: (Point 5)

Most times, our submission to God, and our loyalty and faithfulness to our fellow brethren in Church will not go unseen or without reward. When we obey, we have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. God is always watching over His chosen people, so never let your guard down, even in the happiest of times, because we will all be judged accordingly and be held accountable for all the deeds we have accumulated in our lives.

All these things that I have mentioned, I know are hard to follow. Trust me, a lot of times, I too do not know what I am doing. Just remember that God will see past your flaws and insecurities if you are willing to run back to Him the moment you know you’ve strayed too far away. Listen, Love and Live By the truth that is God Himself. If anyone can attain the crown of life without struggling, this crown is worthless and profits nothing.  

May the good Lord always guide and keep us in our journey towards everlasting life.


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