Song of Solomon 1

Songs 1

Bible Passage:  Song of Solomon 1

Out of Solomon’s 1,005 song compositions, Songs of Songs is the only surviving poem, and the most outstanding of all (TJC e-Library). It not only describes the love between a husband and his wife, but most importantly it describes the kind of relationship that believers ought to have with the Lord Jesus. What kind of relationship do we have with our Lord Jesus today?

Is it like a business transaction – Jesus does something for me, and I will do something for Him?

Is it like a boss-worker relationship – He commands, while I do?

Is it like a Facebook follower relationship – oh yeah I ‘liked’ Him and once in a while I get updates from Him and occasionally I read what He posts?

Or is it like one in a deep loving relationship, constantly desiring to see Him, to touch Him, to talk to Him?

While the Bible in general describes our relationship with Jesus in many ways (e.g. Master and servant, Father and child), Songs of Solomon focused specifically on one aspect of our relationship with Jesus – we are the Bride and He is the Groom. Like most newly-weds, we ought to be desiring more and more of Jesus.

I remember when I first came to church, the words from the Bible were like honey to me. It was like I have never heard such beautiful words before! Especially after receiving the Holy Spirit, I find it a real joy to simply listen to His words of teachings and also to share it with others. Attending church was exciting because I never know how God might speak to me today, whether it was through the sermon, or through other brethren. I just wanted more and more of Jesus!

Today, perhaps after being in church for a while, the initial passion seems to die off…. and what’s left is a familial feeling. It is not that we do not love God – we do, but minus that initial passion. We are now… family.

Will this do?

Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love. (Revelation 2:4)

The Church of Ephesus did not seem like such a bad church – they had works, they had patience, they cannot bear those who are evil, they have laboured for Jesus and have not become weary. What is wrong then? What are the “first works” that they are called to repent and do again? What is this first love? Is it that passion and zeal that we initially have towards Jesus?

Hence, the Songs of Solomon is a reminder to us (including myself) about that first love. The time when we desired to be so close to Him. The time when we deemed His love as better than anything else, even the finest things of the world.

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth—
For your love is better than wine. (Songs 1:2)

Let us go back to our first love and be drawn closer to Christ.

p.s. hymn 235 in Chinese is a touching hymn that depicts the love between the Church and Jesus.

One comment on “Song of Solomon 1
  1. We never really know if we truly love God or not, whether or not what we only really love is the idea of letting ourselves love God.

    When we tell ourselves or when we tell others that we love God, do we really? What have we done in our lives that has demonstrated the fact that we do indeed love God, and will continue to love Him even after we leave this earth?

    Do we even have a reason for loving God in the first place or do we just convince ourselves that we do because we feel obligated to love Him after knowing that He’s given up everything for us out of love?

    There is no absolute or definte way to describe love because we know not how to. We cannot understand it because we are not supposed to. And love is perfect, in its purest form, and only God understands love to its fullest, and offers no compromise.

    I cannot think of a conclusive ending to this comment. So, love;

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