Song of Solomon 5

Songs 5

The contents of this book are written in poetic style, and often times they sound mushy conversations between a married couple; and sometimes there seem to be explicit sexual contents.

But we have to understand that all Scriptures were given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, therefore this book contains spiritual insights to the nature of God and the relationship between God and His bride, the Church.

Indeed the love between God and His Church is as intimate as the love between a man and his wife.

Bible Passage: Song of Solomon 5

In the first portion of chapter 5, the Beloved Bridegroom came seeking for the Bride. The Bride was asleep, but her heart was awake when the Bridegroom came to her door and called out for her.

The Bride did not come to the door immediately but she delayed, and when she came to answer the door, the Bridegroom had turned and walked away.

Panicky, she ran out to look for Him but to no avail. And then the watchmen struck and wounded her.

This episode aptly reminds us of our response to God’s voice.

When God speaks to us through the Holy Bible or even through our prayers, we have to be alert and to respond to Him immediately.

God may be calling us to repentance of certain ways that we have gone wrong, but due to our human pride, we could have chosen to insist on continuing in them.

Sometimes God may be calling us to give our time and commitment in certain divine works, but often we choose to give various excuses in order not keep the time to ourselves and not to God.

So if we don’t respond to Him in repentance immediately when He speaks, He may turn away from forgiving you; and if we don’t respond to Him with a “Yes Lord, I’ll go!” when He calls us into a ministry, He may turn His back and give the grace of serving Him to someone else.

The wisdom in poetic style in the Songs of Solomon must not be misinterpreted as sexual or carnal, but the longing and the intimacy depicted within these poems are so apt to reveal to us that our relationship with our Bridegroom, the Lord, have to be an intimate and responsive one.

May God bless and guide us all to love Him more daily.


One comment on “Song of Solomon 5
  1. I agree that many of us are becoming less and less responsive towards God’s calling. Many of us are so caught up with our own lives that we choose to continue being busy with our lives rather than pressing the pause button to take a break from all the buzz to make time for God and put Him first in our lives. And when we really get so busy with every little thing that is going on in our lives, do we really know why we have allowed ourselves to be so busy? Why do we keep chasing after the sun without letting it set and watching the things that have to happen, happen in due time?
    Why do we want things we cannot have?
    We have to question our actions, and whether or not these actions carry just as valid reasons for action. And it’s hard to manage life all at once, but then there’s God. And there’s a reason why He’s chosen you, and not the person next to you, to be His child, and to learn to be the light and the salt of the world.

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