1 Kings 7


Bible Passage: 1 Kings 7

Building a Home

Have you ever had the chance to renovate and decorate, or even build your own home? Those of us who have, will know how much time, effort, and money goes into such a project. Why did we exert ourselves so much for a house to call our own? Because it is our home, our own private space, a haven of rest, our personal sanctuary.

When King Solomon built the first temple for the Lord God Almighty, he only used the best and most expensive materials. He used costly stones, cedar, cypress and olive wood as well as bronze and gold. Back then, these materials were coveted for their durability, fragrance, sturdiness, and beauty. Moreover, King Solomon only hired the most skillful artisans and master builders and employed a massive workforce to build God’s temple. Hence, with the nation’s enormous effort and God’s guidance, the temple was completed in only seven years, and became one of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces of its time. Why did King Solomon invest so much time, effort, and money into this temple, prioritizing it even above his own house? There must have been something that drove him.

Today, we are the temple of the living God and each one of us is like a building block in the house of God – the church. Have we built up this temple?

If we have been working on it, which materials have we used? Does our temple have a firm foundation, built on solid rock, able to withstand even the greatest storm, or does it stand on sinking sand? Is this temple made of bright-shining gold and fragrant wood so that the nations will be attracted to the Lord, or is it merely a tin shack? Is it beautifully adorned with intricate carvings that show the love and effort put in by the builder?

Our own faith in God and the truth, our daily words and deeds, and our service to the Lord and our fellow brethren as well as the motivation and attitude behind it are essential building materials for the Lord’s house. The church is the house of God and it is the home of each and every one of us who are redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. If then, we indeed call this place our home, wouldn’t we naturally put in our best effort to build up, beautify and keep this home in order?


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