Joshua 13


Bible Passage: Joshua 13

The beginning of this chapter details the dividing of the land of Canaan among the tribes of Israel. The names of the tribes and land sounds complicated and one can’t help but pass over these names quickly. However, after reading the list of names a second time, I felt heartened, as God remembers each and every tribe and takes care and provides for everyone. Not a single person was left out.

Similarly, there are so many members in our church, and so many TJC churches in the world. Yet God remembers each member and hears the prayers of each member. God doesnt leave anyone without his inheritance – the inheritance of eternal life. As long as we obey Him and walk in His path.

The last verse of this chapter ends with the tribe of Levi not receiving inheritance, for God was their inheritance.

How amazing it is that God promised that He Himself is their inheritance.. Far surpasses any riches or worldly interests. Today we as sons of God freely receive the inheritance of eternal life and spiritual riches that God has promised us.

Problem lies with us though, whether we are willing to come forward and receive this spiritual inheritance. Are we more attracted to the inheritance of this world instead? What do we devote most of our time and energy on? Have we set our priorities correctly?

Are we willing to do our part to receive this precious spiritual inheritance from our God? Or just we tired of pursuing spiritual riches, and seek after the glamorous worldly riches instead?

May God soften our hardened hearts, guide us back to the right path and not be fooled by the seemingly beautiful world we live in.


One comment on “Joshua 13
  1. A lot of people seek long and hard after the things of the world because these things of the world can be seen in front of their very eyes within predictable periods of time. People do not have to continuously search and hope for something to happen.

    Most of the time, God really just wants us to wait; to wait for Him to take action at His appointed hour.

    Sometimes, we need to ask God for strength to help us overcome our own impatience. Because we should never forget that all things will be made beautiful in His time.

    Seek after the things of the world only because you need them for your basic survival. But seek no further than what you need, because any more than that, you wind up testing your own faith and patience.

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