2 Kings 15

2 Kings 15

Bible Passage:   2 Kings 15

Truly there is nothing new under the sun; every intent of the thoughts of man’s heart was only evil continually (ref. Genesis 6:5).

The history of man, right from the time of Genesis, is often filled with violence, greed, hatred and sorrows; and especially in the Book of Kings, these human intents are clearly displayed before us.

Before kings ever existed in Israel, God had already warned them that this was a wrong way to go, for it was an outright rejection of God’s sovereignty and the kings would be an oppressor rather than a deliverer of the people of Israel. (ref. 1 Samuel 8)

The oppression from the kings did not only come in the form of heavy taxes imposed upon the people, but worse off were the people being led into idolatry.

We must have frequently come across the term “high places” throughout the Book of Kings, and this is the indication of the presence of idolatry during the reign of these kings.

Some kings left these places undestroyed, leaving foothold for the devil to ensnare the hearts of the people continually. Conspiracies abounded as God’s law was ignored, that was no wonder why Israel and Judah suffered under the rule of men.

In today’s chapter, there are 2 kings who somewhat gave us some relief from the long list of the bad kings and their doings, and they are Azzariah/Uzziah and his son Jotham, for they did what was right in the sight of the Lord.

But, when Azzariah/Uzziah became strong, he became proud and burnt incense which was only appointed to be done by the priests. So God struck him with leprosy till the day of his death. (2 Chronicles 26:16)

The lessons I’ve learnt through this chapter are:

  1. Keeping and doing the commands of God is of utmost important to us as God’s children; for His commands are our eternal life. (John 12:50)
  2. Press on to pursue holiness, we have to be holy for our Heavenly Father is holy. The pursuit of holiness needs determination, spiritual violence, and watchfulness. (Matthew 5: 29 – 30)
  3. To do our part according to what talent/gift that God has bestowed upon us. Do not be proud when we are able to achieve certain things; and do not over-ride the sovereignty of God. (Psalms 131)

May God continue to bless us with a heart of humility to always bow down to His wisdom and will.



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