John 9

John 9

Bible Passage:  John 9

In John 9:5, Jesus told us that “as long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world”. Our Saviour ascended to heaven after the completion of His salvation plan. The responsibility of being the light of the world therefore belongs to us, Christians of the True Jesus Church. Matthew 5:14-16 affirms this status of ours, “that they (men) may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven”.

In light of the upcoming mid-year Evangelistic Service, firstly, let us take time to consider whether we have been exemplary in our conduct. Have we been shining forth for Christ through our words and actions, be it at school, at work, or even in church? If there are aspects to improve on with regard to our spirituality, let us ask God for strength to change for the better. If we do not carry ourselves well as Christians, inviting people to church that they might know Christ would be a tall order.

Secondly, have we done enough to share the light of Christ with the world? Preaching the Word can be daunting for some of us, especially for those who are of a quieter nature. Speaking up during Bible discussions can pose a challenge, let alone evangelical work. However, we must remember that one of the Two Great Commissions is to preach to the ends of the earth. If we are too shy to discuss the Gospel with others, how can we obey the command of Jesus?

The blind man who was healed is an example we can emulate. In John 5:24-34, we see that he was courageous enough to stand up for the Man who healed him. Even though some of the persons confronting him probably were Jewish leaders, powerful men, he did not budge; he insisted that the One who had healed him was of God. Unlike his parents, whose fear overcame them, this man showed courage. He was grateful for what Jesus had done for Him, and did not yield to the pressure of the Jews.

Today, when we are asked questions pertaining to our faith by others, perhaps we shy away, or try to change the subject as quickly as possible. Jesus, through His death on the cross, has given us the gift of eternal life. Instead of trying to avoid talking about the truth, let us remember what He did for us, and muster the courage to engage in discussions regarding the Gospel!

As the evangelistic meeting draws nearer, will we be daring enough to share His word and speak up for our beliefs, like the once-blind man? Also, will we be able to go one step further, to actively speak of our faith and invite others to the True Church?

We are the light of the world. Let us remember to conduct ourselves with propriety. Also, let us pluck up the courage to share our beliefs with others, serving as guiding lights that they might come to the True Church to receive salvation.

One comment on “John 9
  1. Personally, I have preached the truth to people I know. I try with what I have.
    It hasn’t been easy preaching to them, even to the ones closest to me.
    I am sure that perhaps other people are a lot better at Evangelical Work than I ever will be but I am sure that the Work is as much of a challenge to me as it is to them.
    When I tell others about Jesus and His truth, I know that there are moments when the people I speak to simply don’t care about what I’ve been saying because it means nothing to them.
    What one person believes in will be different from what the next person believes in, even if both people believe in the same religion.
    I pray that God will not take me away before I am able to save one soul.
    The hardest part is convincing myself over and over again not to give up. Likewise, sometimes, giving up becomes the hardest part because your heart and your mind have already become so set on saving that one person.

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